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6 août 2022 Jour entier UTC Fuseau horaire
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Downtown Cornwall
Downtown Cornwall Cornwall
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With the events starting less then 3 months out, we felt it was time to talk Sponsorship.
But what do you get for Sponsoring a Grass Routes car meet?
We have included a couple different options bellow to show how we will be rolling it out.
Booth Sponsors: 300$ for the year ($125 per event)
Mentioned merch sponsors: 150$ for the year
All of the above get:
-Put on promo packaging for events (posters, digital, & signage)
– printed on the back of tshirts made for the season. (All those who pay for the year)
– large banner on back of the C&C tent
– shoutout on our Social Media about your business
Interested? Let us know
The Cars & Coffee Cornwall Team